Get You a Free SSL Cert

I like free stuff… well, who doesn’t?

I’m currently hosting this website with cloudflare CDN, so the certificate is free by default (Thanks so much Cloudflare!)

Well, but I still prefer something in control, or maybe encrypt some data or using v2ray 😆

Iterm2 in MAC

Well, it’s been a long time that not posting things… and I know the excuse is very easy to find… So I have to admit I was lazy… Got a new Macbook from Apple (after repair), same as usual, install brew, then bulk install all applications I need… Uhm, wait, my iterm2 is not working as I expected… all shortcuts are not working at all! The last time I configured the shortcuts was looooong time ago, and I forgot to record down everything…

AWS SSO With ADFS - Part 1

I’m a lazy man, so always thinking to integrate things together to reduce anything to remember.

AWS provides its own way to authenticate users via IAM module, however it’s just another system to me, so as another credential to me to manage…

I guess any IT won’t like it as too many places to create/delete/disable users, so does user… I think pretty much security will join the party too.

Go Day 3

Sometime it’s just hard (lazy) to find an existing module (package in Go) for certain work… For something small or handy, we may just run a bash command from the app…