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Go Day 1

Should I start with “Hello World”? Or we should get started with Installation?

Run docker-compose in RHEL

I was trying to run ‘docker-compose’ in our environment today, but found following message from RedHat officially:

PowerShell Run as Another User & Elevate the Process

When you have UAC enabled, most of the time, the default PowerShell ISE is opened with normal process. This is not going to work when you want to apply the DSC resources. Have to have an administrative PowerShell process running to get it done.

SAML Authentication for Chrome in OSX

The SAML authentication for Chrome in OS X is not supported as well as it’s running in Windows.

Enable Docker Remote API in Redhat/CentOS 7

Tried different ways to enable the Remote API, never get any luck on anything… But finally, here is what I did, that works!

Ternary Operator in PowerShell

I’m very noob .Net C# developer, but I remember this: <compare> ? <value of true> : <value of false> (a == ‘a’ ) ? 1 : 2

PowerShell - Multidimensional Arrays in PowerShell

You may have some arrays like this: $year1 = @() $year1 += "Cindy" $year1 += "Candy" $year1 += "Mandy" $year2 = @() $year2 += "Chris" $year2 += "Green" $year2 += "Richard"

How to Convert String to Base64 and Vice Versa Using Powershell

Working with Consul without UI is the correct way to go, which also help you with the productivity!!! (True?, hahaha~~)

Send Email via PowerShell

I need to send a large number (more than 100) emails to my wife for her needs. She has a folder that contains tones pdf files, needs to be send to an email address one file per email.

Terraform with Azure

Start playing Terraform … Get it downloaded & saved it to a local folder: C:\bin Put this path into local $PATH var by running: