I’d assume ADFS has already been setup correctly.

We’ll only concentrate on How to setup ADFS side and AWS side for SSO with SAML

Design & Implementation

AWS Side

We will be using Identity providers - SAML type - with Provider name as -> ADFS

Metadata Document can be granted from URL: https://<your_adfs_url>/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml

We need to create Role for all kind-like users in the same AD group to be mapped in AWS.

Let’s create a role called <accountName>-admin, like sandbox-admin, and binds with “Administrators” permission with it.

Till here, all AWS side is finished.

On-prem AD side

The main steps are pretty much the same as: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/security/aws-federated-authentication-with-active-directory-federation-services-ad-fs/

However, I made some changes to adopt with more features:

As users will be granting permissions by joining to an AD group, so we will need to create a group before doing anything: AWSGlobal-123456789012-sandbox-admin

In ADFS configuration, Role Attributes should be following:

c:[Type == "http://temp/variable", Value =~ "(?i)^AWSGlobal-([\d]{12})-([a-zA-Z]*)-"]
 => issue(Type = "https://aws.amazon.com/SAML/Attributes/Role", Value = RegExReplace(c.Value, "AWSGlobal-([\d]{12})-", "arn:aws:iam::$1:saml-provider/ADFS,arn:aws:iam::$1:role/"));

Leave the rest the same as above link.

Then try to login from ADFS portal, you will be redirect to AWS Console with correct permission as sandbox-admin.

Have fun there.